My work with clients:

Did you there is a direct connection between your womb, and your throat & mouth? A line of nerve endings runs from the cervix to the tip of the tongue. Two centers of birth, creation, pleasure, expression, wisdom. The body keeps the score-The link between these two creative centers can reveal a lot about where we carry trauma, tension, blockages and numbness that inhibits our soul expression. When I hold space for clients, a lot of what we move through together is helping to restore these connection, surface and express old stories and patterns, and create new pathways of internal harmony, rooted in your innate wisdom and unique expression. 

I use these modalities:
Grounded womb wisdom, menstrual cycle literacy & creating freedom in your flow, Fertility Awareness Method, somatic embodiment practices & trauma integration, voice activation, healing with the arts, transmuting sexual shame & sensual repression, integrating masculine & feminine principles within & in your life or business, nervous system regulation, & more. 

You will be guided based on your unique needs & journey:

Our sessions together are therapeutic, empowering, activating, and exciting. I walk with you through navigating new, more regenerative ways of being & working, relating with yourself & life, & discovering new levels of aliveness & passion within yourself that may surprise you! 

I am here to walk beside you in remembering the power and creative life force within your womb, embody deeper self knowing, pleasure & ease in your cycles, & begin to birth your sacred gifts into the world. Our individual transformation is tied to collective transformation. Move through your pain & alchemize your trauma into community action. We DO have the power to create change.

And what a high joy it is to walk with you beloved! 

Send me an email, or book a call below to connect about whether you'd be a good fit to work with me. This is for womben who are ready for a shift in how you're going about your life, ready to reclaim your wild knowing & womb power, & dream of creating & serving in the world from the depths of your soul.
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